About - R3 Home Staging
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Why R3 Home Staging is the best choice for your home staging and interior redesign needs.

Principal Designer of R3 Home Staging, Shuang Su
Principal Designer - Shuang Su

Founded in 2019, we are one of the fastest growing home staging companies in Toronto and GTA.

While there are many staging companies on the market, none of them provides the staging quality per dollar we are looking for when we are trying to sell our own property. Essentially, they are either too costly, or the staging quality didn’t meet our expectations. As such, we see an opportunity to create a better company that provides outstanding staging quality and value than what was available on the market.

R3 Home Staging specializes in providing the highest staging quality per dollar. We strongly believe this is the best way to deliver the best value to our clients. Through a long streak of wildly successful projects and word of mouth, we are growing faster than we ever anticipated. We believe our integrity, core values and unique presentation styles play a strong part in our rapid growth.

R3 Home Staging provides differentiating designs to showcase a property’s strengths. We understand the market and consistently helps our clients achieve record breaking sale prices in many neighbourhoods across GTA.

What makes R3 Home Staging different is we do not cut corners. We treat each property like our own and work diligently to ensure each of our projects meet our high bar of quality and exceptional presentation.